I am hmmmming because I am waiting for Amazon to upload some photos for  free cloud trial. What kind of computer storage do you use? Do you cloud compute? If so what do you recommend?

The above picture describes how I feel about all this. AAAAAHHHH and confusion.

I am at a crossroads. My Mac desktop is on its last legs and I think cleaning it up would really help–or make me feel better. I need somewhere to put all my photos and music.

I was thinking external harddrive but what if it gets smashed or combusts or something. You may laugh but I know of at least one person who lost all their family photos (scanned in!) from a faulty external harddrive.

So now I am thinking cloud memory. I hate trusting big corporations but it seems so easy AND then, once I get a job, I can get an external harddrive and have everything backed up 2 places. Not that I would be insanely devastated if I lost everything–a little devastated but not insanley so. I have the memories…and Facebook highlights.


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