nails r us….


I have never been super into nails–until last summer. Last summer I took my niece to New York and dragged her all over the city. After putting up with this she dragged me into a nail salon and I got my first  pedicure. It was amazing and now I tend to get all 20 digits done every so often and I ALWAYS get a design on one finger which makes it extra special.

My issue is that I will ruin my manicure in less than a day–usually before I leave the salon. Until now. Until I started shellacking!

Its fing amazing and my nails are perfect almost 2 weeks later! They are growing! My design is still perfect!

There is a photo above– I almost always do clear because of grunge-under-nail paranoia but there are a variety of colors.


One thought on “nails r us….

  1. lmsanderswilcox says:

    Posted from my phone – please excuse the massive amount of errors!

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