thank you….

My brother is getting married today. I am drinking coffee and providing moral support for Mom while she frosts the wedding cake then we are off to get hair and makeup done. I am pretty excited about it. Also excited to wear my strapless bra that increases my cleavage exponentially. Yesterday (black friday aka hellonearth–explain later) I walked into Victoria Secret and said ‘I want your most massivley padded bra ever.’ and I got it. It is awesome. Also–I am a wee bit heavier than before nursing school–about 5lbs but a lot of that has gone to my boobs. I have never had boobs before and am pretty excited about it. It will be sad when this week is over and I start getting on top of my exercise (my diet just went naturally back to normal. Its amazing how when you are not sitting through 10 hours of class the craving for pop tarts goes away). By getting on top of exercise I mean running a bit, dancing a bit and going to Bikram yoga a bit. I did it once and I have to use up my groupon. I felt really good but also on the verge of barfing. I hope the barfing bit goes away with time.

ANYWAYs-thanksgiving was awesome and hell! Awesome because it was also our rehearsal dinner for the wedding and there were amazing people to talk to and I was in charge of decor and the decor was amazing. The pie I made was amazing and the green bean casserole (from scratch–no canned/frozen products here!). Mom and Dad were in the same room and cordial. My Dad kept his ex-motherinlaw busy which was cool.

It was HELL because I had to work the midnight-10am shift at Macy’s–also my first shift ever. This met no drinking, no overeating (though since I was a part of the cooking it kept me from eating anayway), no staying late and talking. It put a damper on the evening but I figure its good practice for nursing when I never ever get to have holidays off again. The shift was fun. The salesmen I worked with were friendly–after they realized I wasn’t a moron. I can’t believe people really lined up outside for it. I think they did it more for the fun than the shopping. I also can’t believe I didn’t just fall over.

Also- at Macy’s I trained and made friends with a UofO football player. He just graduated and I googled him and he actually played and wasn’t just a bench warmer–like I think he has stats. Anyway he let me play with his UofO Pac10 champion ring yesterday. That thing is BLINGY.

That’s my Thanks Giving–sorry for the wordy post.


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