I have been running around like a mad person the last few days. I finished Kdrama then had to catch up on everything I had been procrastinating. It started with 2 job interviews for short-term work. I decided to stick with my original goal so instead of doing boring admin work (despite testing and finding out I am a Word and Excel GENIUS!) I took a job with Macy’s as a womens shoes lady. Do you know how much I love shoes? I LOVE shoes. From my dream ideal of Alexander McQueen to the $5 thrift store find. I LOVE shoes. I am going to sell shoes for a month and a half. It is going to be amazing. Oh! and I get comission so I may be able to make a bit more $$. But its mainly to stay sane and keep busy and immerse myself in SHOES!

Also, I finally started hanging out with friends. Its been awesome seeing people I haven’t seen in so long. I have had some good adventures and gone to bed EXHAUSTED each night. I ran around with W’s sister N on Saturday and we went to Andy and Bax and purchased onsie red pajamas and Motor cycle boots. Did you know I love SHOES? I love SHOES!

And of course getting ready for my brothers wedding next weekend and celebrating his birthday. I got him mustaches (I will show you later). I got my hair cut I got SHOES! I got spanx (my first pair but my dress is soooooo tight, flattering, but TIGHT and I don’t think I need them but I wanted an extra layer. Plus I wanted to be like Bridget Jones. I also got a super padded bra so I wouldn’t have to add socks to the ones I have).

I am going to have my niece show me how to do a smokey eye too–she does it so well and every time I do it I look like I got punched in the face.

So that and running errand after errand (catching up on my stuff mainly). That’s what’s happening. Hopefully things (I) will mellow down. Probably not though cause I have [get] to go sell SHOES! SHOES!!


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