chloroformed romantic….

Before I explain the above statement (and that it is not some weird kinky thing) I must first say that I am a hypocrite. After all my blah blah blahs about Urban Outfitters I totally went there and bought sale stuff while wasting time before a seasonal job interview somewhere else. Just trying to be upfront about my hypocrisy. I did get a super cute clutch for $10 and some shorts for $5 (LA prepping–I don’t think I can do the tights under shorts thing, Sorry Portland).

ANyhoo-the title. Well my friend Th drove across the country with me and she told me about Kdramas (Korean Dramas) and how she wants to move to South Korea and stalk the very handsome lead actor–she blogs about it here. I listened and thought well maybe they are good but nothing warrants moving to South Korea–we have plenty of stalkable movie stars here.

Oh how wrong I was to dismiss the obsession. I started watching last night and I am lost. Friends, family, W…they have all lost me to the world of Kdrama, specifically Boys Before Flowers (BBF-Hulu and Netflixwatchinstant both have it). It is so good. It is like a show made up of the last five minutes of a romantic comedy–heart wrentching and wonderful and it goes on for 25 episodes! Each one has at least 1 dance if not 2, or a tropical vacation, or romantic accident. I want (HAVE) to join her South Korea plans now! I want to only listen to the bad-jazzmuSAK soundtrack! I want to plaster my room with Kdrama posters! I want to be one of the few odd white-girl extras in the background! I want only Kdrama!

So the plot–like the last 5 minutes of a romantic comedy, there isn’t much. It evolves around ragstoriches JanDi who is made to go to a rich school where she is the enemy (AND LOVE!) of the asshole head rich bully. So romantic! She is a klutz and everyone picks on her and the actress does such a good job of playing this smart-kick-ass-bumbling-footinmouth girl. And the lead asshole (not to give it away but he chloroforms, kidnaps, then gives JanDi a makeover in the first episode to show he cares–W, WHY HAVE YOU NOT CHLOROFORMED ME!)…all I can say is my heart melts. Sorry W.

Before you discount my lunacy you should know that South Koreans–whatever style of film they do–it is usually THE BEST. Old Boy is my #2 favorite movie and like BBF based off of a Japanese Manga. Old Boy is a high class film though (not like BBF) and was sooo amazing when it came out that it held back Cannes as it literally arrived under armored gaurd–the only film Cannes has allowed to delay a screening.  I am not going to relay the plot–it is very dark and twisted. But the film is amazing and proof that South Koreans the best when it comes to any kind of film. I have posted the scene where he eats a live octopus before but in case you missed it here it is again (though it is way more powerful in context).


One thought on “chloroformed romantic….

  1. Thuha says:

    Ah I am blushing and heartaching just reading this post. Thank you for understanding and living through it with me now. And for those who are skeptical, Twilight has nothing on BBF/BOF.

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