hanging with m…..

Since arriving in PDX I have been having or verging on freaking out about the nursing job hunt.

One of the things keeping me sane, aside from bawling on gchat to W, aside from my stepdad giving me a silver bar to help out (I know!), aside from my Mom listening to my woes, is my nephew M.

He has had 2 days off from school because of teacher conferences and Veteran’s Day (Thank you Veterans!). We have hung out both days and he totally cleaned the room upstairs where I am staying at my moms house. This room used to be the best room in the house but it has become the storage for books, yarn, and wool. So yes, its still the best room in the house but he made room for all my crap and those who know me know I ALWAYS have a lot of crap.

M is 10. We are pretty much on the same wavelength. He introduced me to Johnny Test and I introduced him to Bones and Naked Gun. I apply for jobs on my laptop, he eats my road-trip junk food leftovers. Right now he is eating a kitkat (not mine–I don’t eat candy because I have no will power) and getting grossed out by a brain on Bones. I am writing this (breaking from applications) and drinking coffee and watching Bones.

Its going to suck when he has to go back to school on Monday.


One thought on “hanging with m…..

  1. Sarah says:

    This is supersweet… M sounds like a great kid :). I’ll be available all day Monday via gchat if you need some new (yet virtual) company…

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