getting here….

I had an antiblog week last week. I was packing, tired, depressed (job search) and only wanted to watch TV.

But we are here! In Iceland!

Getting here was hard for me. I used to be a good Flier but my flights over the last few years have gotten progressively more terrifying. To be honest the flight last night was so incredibly easy and calm but I sat there trying to pay attention to Bridesmaides while shaking, clutching the arm rests with every slight bump. In my head I know its fine, I know its safe, and it was so comfortable (Icelandic Air is the nicest airline with warm fuzzy blankets, bottled water, free movies, Bjork and other music, and an Icelandic  lullaby printed on their pillows). The captain was so soothing–we saw him carry his guitar onto the plane–but I was so terrified. I thinks its the lack of control. How do I get unscared? I tried knocking myself out with Nyquil but that just made it so I was super tired, slightly outofit, while digging my nails into available surfaces and trying not to cry.

Anyway–we got here at 7am. It was pitch black and you take a bus (Flybus) for about 40 min into Reykjavik where they drop you off at your hotel. Our hotel is right across the street from the amazing Harpa where we will see Bjork on Halloween.

Everything here, our hotel included, is so very well designed and beautifu.l. I slept till 3pm but W is not terrified of flying so he slept on the plane and napped here then went for a walk. I made him–I said let me slept, go on an adventure then bring me back coffee and I will get up and we can go on another adventure. Thats what we did except he forgot the coffee–that was okay. You see, it was a big step forward when I realized I don’t have to go on W’s initial adventure.

W is someone who likes to see what’s going on as soon as he arrives. I am someone who needs a couple hours to adjust, sleep, watch TV. I used to make myself go on his initial adventures which would then result in me feeling insecure, exhausted, starting a fight and crying. Now, I know to stay in the hotel, relax while he goes on his walk. Huge step in W and L vacations.



One thought on “getting here….

  1. Susan says:

    Like; flying is hard…if we were meant to fly we would have evolved wings, same with driving/riding in a car or on a train and we would have been wheelies. Walking is good but sometimes have to engage in other modes of transportation just to get by…

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