contest results….

Above is a lovely picture Claire sent me of her DC postcard prize!

So the answer to this weeks contest is:

Vintage Thrift: jacket, skirt (not pictured), white top

New: Hat (Ocean City), Sweater (Century 21), Shoes (Forever 21), Bracelet (Forever 21).

Insert my brother’s comment about Forever 21 being assholes here. Instead I will post this link and vow to not shop there again. I have already given up on Urban Outfitters and other stores owned by that company (not that I could ever afford Anthropologie) because they are super racist and steal things from people. I gave this up a couple weeks ago so don’t be surprised if you still see some stuff in posts.

So that leaves me nowhere to shop…except asos. I love asos. When I have a job and have paid off my loans (so in 15 years) I will buy the whole website…until I find out they have racist, abusive, illegal clothing too.


This weeks winner is SUSAN!!! My MOM!


2 thoughts on “contest results….

  1. Susan says:

    thanks for the F21 heads up… will never shop there again…and thanks for the prize

  2. claire says:

    yay for my pic! the postcard is blinding! love it 🙂

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