stuff and stuff….

I am a nurse. Frikin-A it was a painful process. As Tina Fey says–nothing like coal mining but painful for me. Alot of blood poop and tears.  The blood and the poop weren’t mine though…for the most part. Wow–I can’t believe that part of my life is over.

DO you want me to explain how boards goes? Okay! So you enter a testing center–pretty official with all the cheating speeches and such–you can only bring in your ID, not even any gum. You have to raise your hands to take a break. Then you get your assigned computer and start. You get a mininmum of 75 questions and a maximum of 265 questions. People who fail get around 50% right and people who pass get 50% right. Wait how does that work?? So these are super smart computers and it can tell if you are getting stuff right and will make the questions harder or wrong and will make the questions easier and it will test you until it feels it can gauge whether you should pass or fail. There is no percentage right or anything. So if you get 75 it means the computer decided you are super awesome or super horrible (you won’t know till later). If you get 265 then it means it took forever to make up its mind. I got 75 questions and I passed so that means I rocked it! WOoo! I bet most Drexel Acers did though–Drexel may have been an asshole in many regards but the one thing they do teach you is how to test well.


I am seeing Bjork in Iceland. This is a BIG deal. W is even coming with me and is excited too. He doesn’t really get her (he is so very straight-laced and likes things like punk and rap and refers to my music as WEIRD hipster crap from 2006–he is right) BUT he is excited about going because he recognizes that she is extremely talented and will put on an amazing show. Besides since we are going I told him we didn’t have to go on Icelandic Pony rides and he is REALLY excited about that….I may have lied….  😉

Anyway we leave next Wednesday and I am getting SO EXCITED! Rocky is going to stay home and hang out with his buddy Gabe–a hound mix–and by hangout I mean Gabe will look out the window or lay in the Strawberry bed outside while Rocky eats all his food. Its a relationship that works for both of them.

SOrry for my lower than usual posting. I know you miss the 3xday posts– But I got sick. I hate being sick and it was payback for not really getting sick this year. I was out. It sucks.

This is me being sick: “Whhaaaaaahhh…my face hurts and my nose hurts and my body hurts and I hurt and this sucks…am I dying…I must be dying…Is my nose going to fall off…it itches…I need to sneeze but I can’t!!!……aaaahhhhhh!!!”

W finally got me to use Afrin after years (our whole relationship) of me poopooing it. It is wonderful–a gift from the gods that clears sinuses….don’t use it, its addictive. I have on occasion called  W an Afrin-head and asked if he is getting the ‘shakes.’ It is not addictive like that but you can get crazy rebound congestion…I have that now. My Pharm teacher was super against it…that she brought it up even means that its pretty bad. SO don’t use it. BUT IT MAKES YOUR SINUSES SING WITH JOY AND CLARITY!

So as soon as we get back from Iceland I leave Philadelphia for good. Its sad :(. I have to basically pack our whole house in the remaining days before we leave on our trip. W packed most of his stuff already and the house is looking pretty empty and less homey. I will seriously miss this city but that is a whole post in itself…


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