contest ii….

I have titled the above image: Lea Climbing out of Kale. I know–I tried to take this contest more seriously and actually plan a photo for it. However, I still did it today meaning I didn’t have any help taking the picture. In this process I a learned that old garden chairs make great tripods and bananas are great for angling your camera. Yes I have a tripod but it was all the way under the couch–so far away!

I am wearing a skirt but this is the only image where I didn’t look like a dufus so I am not going to ask your thoughts on a skirt you can’t see. That would be mean!

Also–Claire’s postcard is in the mail and I took a special trip to BFs postoffice so it could have a really cool postmark–it is actually pretty darn cool and I got to watch them stamp it.

PRIZE! This weeks prize is also from my DC trip…it is a VERY special coffee cup. If you don’t like super cool coffee cups then just let me know–I have more awesome postcards.

Here are the rules again!

1. Comment below on what you think is vintage/thrift in the image and what you think is new! This should include: jacket, sweater, hat, shirt, shoes, bracelet–pretty easy this week! Click on the image to enlarge and get a look at everything including my blemishes and blue lips–my lipstick is in my purse so I had to use eyeliner.

2. Winner chosen at random and you don’t have to be right to be chosen.

3. You have till 12am (eastern) on Tuesday 10/18/11 to comment

4. Winner will be announced Wednesday 10/19/11–there is nothing else you need to do to enter.


6 thoughts on “contest ii….

  1. Violet Barnard says:

    Jacket- new
    Sweater- thrift
    shirt- new
    shoes- thrift
    bracelet- thrift

  2. Sharon says:


  3. claire says:

    where was your purse? lol. new hat?

  4. Susan says:

    the hat, the bracelet, the coat–don’t make them like that anymore except way out of your price range–and the sweater

  5. lmsanderswilcox says:

    Your guesses are awesome! Keep ’em coming! This is getting me through nursing aps!

  6. Thuha says:

    Lipstick-definitely vintage

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