what do you put in your coffee….

I ask you because I was making my coffee and I think people may think its a tad weird. Here are my rules:

1. NO SUGAR EVER–unless its a dry cap and then I sprinkle a tad on top to sip with the foam.

2. FANCY COFFEE: which I am drinking now–means: cinnamon, nutmeg (I have whole nuts that I scrap with a knife) , tad vanilla, and (today) hot pepper flakes.

3. STANDARD: I always add whole or 2% milk. Cream if nothing else is available.

SO what do you put in your coffee? Anything I should try?


5 thoughts on “what do you put in your coffee….

  1. Susan says:

    you know mean, lite ice, low-fat milk, except at home then no ice and nonfat milk. Your standard sounds exotic… I bought one of those little encased nutmeg mandolins (that is not quite the right word) several years ago and it was really worth it, I’ll put it on your xmas list…makes scrapping nutmeg into a ritualized art form…

  2. Claire says:

    Almond milk or coconut milk. So boring!

    • lmsanderswilcox says:

      Not boring! I like coconut milk and I like coffee but for some reason I have never liked them together– I do enjoy a good soy mocha on occasion–I like that combo.

  3. Conor Bofin says:

    Your post reminds me of Old Bill, he was the dispatch manager at an ad agency I worked at over 20 years ago. When Bill was asked what he put in his whiskey, he replied “My tongue”.

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