italian market….

I love markets. True, the one we went to in Nicaragua scared the shit out of me—dark paths through crowded booths, trash everywhere, board bridges over sludge, we were the only tourists, and our Kamikaze cab driver asking over and over ‘You really want to go there??? You sure? I don’t think you should go there. I will wait for you.” But I love them. I love wandering around endless amounts of produce. Philadelphia has the best markets I’ve been to.

In Philly you actually shop for your food at markets. Don’t get me wrong–I like a good farmers market but the produce is always so insanely expensive. The Italian Market, in Philly, isn’t like that. Some produce may be bumped or bruised and you may have to eat it sooner rather than weeks later like super market produce BUT it is so cheap so so cheap. So cheap that a lot of people shop here: buy their produce at stalls then visit the butcher, pasta, or cheese shopslining the street. We try to go once a week but it was too hot in the summer but now I hope to up the visits.

Here is what I bought today

1 basket of cucumbers (10 cucs): $1

1 basket of oranges (5 oranges): $1

4 avocados: $2 (I have not seen them less than $2 each in Philly at stores).

3lbs of black grapes: $2.99

2 grapefruits: $1

So cheap!


2 thoughts on “italian market….

  1. Susan says:

    easier to eat healthy… we’ve been living on local, mostly organic, honeycrisp apples at $1.99-2.99/lb with some carrots in stews and boiled beets straight up which Ken doesn’t eat. Maybe I’ll make up some end of season pico de gallo…

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