w picked too good bottle of wine….

Some sort of spanish something. It is so perfect. Sweet but not too sweet or harsh; so good…perfect. He had 1 glass and I couldn’t help but finish the bottle while watching the 1st Kim Kardashian wedding episode in the WILDS of West Virginia and he snores with Rocky who also snores.

I am one to be super negative when others talk about how awesome fall is in non-disedious trees turn red but OHMIGOD West Virginia is so pretty and so perfect and I SAW A WOODCHUCK; 2 WOODCHUCKS! I imagine these woods where we are staying (completely due to W’s ambition) will look on fire in two weeks with turning colors. Still, even still green they are gorgeous!

The sounds. Fuck, great.

I am sooooo city after doing my time country. I will always be city. But this reminds me of the perfect times. The crickets, the wild birds. So perfect.

AND our cabin is so tiny and cute–500 sq feet (with a loft) and perfect layout with 1 bdrm. CABLE! I combine this with bitchingly demanding that I walk 2 miles home directly uphill to get my cardio (had I known how long I would have cried and given up. BUT IT IS SO AWESOME!!! IF you want our (W’s) contact I strongly recommend them! EASTCOASTERS!!!!

ALSO–please enter my contest!!!


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