contest and things….

I have been out and about! So no posts. Sucks. BUT I went to NYC and am now in the wilds of West Virginia–it is beautiful! The leaves are starting to turn.

So the above photo is the first CONTEST! CRAZY EYES I know. This might be stupid but I am going to do it till I think of something better. SO comment below and list what you think is vintage/thrift and what you think was purchases brand spanking new! Accessories included: shoes, purse and jewelry!  I will send the winner a prize: a sweet Washington D.C. postcard postmarked from one of the oldest post offices in the US (B.F’s post office). If there is more than one winner (I just hope there is at least one response) I will pick one at random. I will announce the winner and correct list next Wednesday so you have till Tuesday at 12am to answer!

ALSO: here is this weeks links

1. I was here this week; one of my favorite places.

2. I marched in these riots….On the way to this AWESOME store. Pretty silly.

3. The Bloggess is still my hero!

4. I want a motorcycle just so I can wear this helmet.

5. RIP Steve Jobs.

6. How do you feel about this creme brulee? A good twist on a classic or too much?

7. Now that margarita season is over I might try this, or make my own Mexican Spanish Coffee.

8. This is where we are this weekend.

9. Yes or No for this?

10. Amy Poehler puts on many faces. Stolen from Cup of Jo.

W is watching TV in our cabin’s loft. We have cable and he is watching American Dad–I better go make sure we are watching something better…you know, like Jersey Shore.

9 thoughts on “contest and things….

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  2. claire says:

    Shoes and jeans are new! Do I win?? Crazy eyes lolol.

  3. Susan says:

    the top, the shoes, and the purse are vintage??? Anna and Lauren are wearing those jeans, and maybe Teresa so know those are new–lookin’ good, though, no matter new or vintage. I thought you were going to go for crazy eye photo contest; I can beat you on that

  4. lmsanderswilcox says:

    I will post the answers and winner on Tuesday :)!!! Total crazy eyes. Tina Fey writes an awesome description: “Know your weaknesses. For example, I have what can be described as ‘dead shark eyes.’ But if I try too hard to look alert, I look batshit crazy, like the runaway bride.” (Fey, 2011)

  5. lmsanderswilcox says:

    I mean Wednesday–you have till Tuesday at 12am to answer!

  6. Laura says:

    Bag, jeans, and necklace are vintage.

  7. Everything but the flippy floppies is vintage. I’d initially guess the jeans were new, but I know your penchant for thrift store denim.

  8. Nora says:

    I’m gonna say new shoes, vintage/thrift everything else!

  9. Anna says:

    Well…This is tough Lea!! Your outfit is super cute, and could be all new or all vintage!! Considering all your travel, applications and moving expenses…I would guess ALL vintage/thrift!

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