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With my teammate ShH, I did the Urban Dare in Philly on Saturday. It was fun and a good purchase from groupon. However, the website was woefully underexplaining so we didn’t really know what to expect. We just showed up.

After the start we ran and got our clues and freaked out. They were so weird and obscure and historical. We didn’t have a pen to write down answers or plan a map! WORSE neither of us have made it to the 201xs technology-wise we didn’t have a smart phone. All we did have was ShH’s dying phone and my horrible ebay-brandless-knock-off–HEY, you can watch TV on it…not digital TV but still!!

ShH was able to get the first clue from a friend on her dying phone and as we walked I called our friend (and her roommate) SH. Oh Crap how am I going to write the answers down! I freaked out for 10 blocks about not having a pen. Dude, I can totally text the addresses to you. SH is so super smart! She has made it into the tech savvy 201xs so while her sister (also on the other end of the line) looked up the answers on her ipad, SH checked the clues with us and texted the answers. SO SMART!

We wrote (a 13year old gave me his pencil–I offered to buy it but he declined–cool kid.) down our answers planned a route and I was brought on the crazysauce. WE HAD TO WIN! But we didn’t and there were some hardcore racers out there. I had to talk myself down: Are you going to enjoy this race or continue being a freak!??!

I choose/chose FUN so instead of running crazy I calmed down. We stopped for milkshakes…and cookies. And had fun making matching poses for each photo (proof of the clues we accomplished). ShH and I had a blast and strongly recommend Urban Dare should it come to a city near you.

My ONLY complaint is that the end was very anticlimactic. I feel like we should have at least had a free beer or something but no you just check back in, show them your photos and thats it. Lame-O. BUT

As you can see from above, we did still have fun!


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