weekend thoughts….


Fall is almost here! This weekend is supposed to get a high of 53–so EXCITED!

1. Luxirare has a new liveblog.

2. You to can make a soapy pumpkin lattee….maybe not so soapy if you actually follow the directions.

3. Galaxy Nails Yes or No? I did them but peeled off the paint within a day.

4. I love this body suit but do you really think it is worth it? I don’t remember them fondly.

5. The bloggess is super funny and a wee bit scary.

6. I would like to visit these bars.

7. My favorite flowers this week.

8. I am watching this movie and so far its not that good. Any netflix watch instant suggestions?

9. This is what I am doing tomorrow. Wish me luck! Should I wear a costume?

10. Tips for nursing cover letters and resumes.


One thought on “weekend thoughts….

  1. Susan says:

    forget the bodysuit unless it has a snap crotch otherwise you have to undress to pee; I guess you can move the crotch out to the way like I figured out how to do with my wet swim suit but still dangerous… I like the galaxy nails but the pumpkin latte sounds gross and look forward to followup blog on urban dare…

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