I am super prolific today. Sorry. But I was out running (I have to run to keep the crazy sauce at bay–I didn’t run yesterday and almost had a nuclear meltdown. Luckily Mango Margarita was there to save me. AND I run 4 miles now-PATONTHEBACK! PAT PAT!) and had some great ideas for spicing up my blog and getting more viewers.

More viewers you say?!?! with doubt (I can hear it in your voice! and see you glance at the ‘4 followers’ on the side bar–well I will have you know I get more than 4 views a day! [thanks Mom]).

1. I think I will include more W&I convos [I say convo and vaca now]. BUT I will have to run them by W because he might get mad at me…though that would make more fodder….hmmmm…..

2. We have a video camera so I was thinking of making ‘At Home With Lea’ tutorials. Mainly just ridiculous stuff–ridiculous BUT informative. I also have some other videos in the works.

3. CONTESTS! So I have to do only cheap or free giveaways because I have no money. BUT I have postcards (at least) to send the winner!!!!  Not my holiday postcards though–just ones I think are awesome! WHat is the contest? Well the contest is like those ‘what I wore pictures’ (the world does need some more pics of ME!) and you will have to guess how many items are vintage/thrift and how many were purchased new and if the contest gets popular then I will make it so you have to list the stuff but considering I am hoping for any PLEASE GOD PLEASE entries I figure I should make it easy. This could evovle into other contests–AND if there is more then one right entry I will have to draw from a hat.

4. ALSO- I am going to ad an email button so people can email me to get on the annual holiday card list. That is a freebie. I like sending those.

AND finally because I think its awesome, this is what I ate today:

pumpkin latte
cantaloupe (the whole thing because W is scared of dying)

Just doing my part in the battle for carbs….


5. On Fridays I am going to do a top links of the week thing like all those cool blogs do.


5 thoughts on “updates….

  1. How far you do you usually run and how often do you go?

    • lmsanderswilcox says:

      Well that question is a long story but for the last year I usually exercised 3xwk but it was dance and kickboxing. Now I am too lazy to go downtown so I’ve been running at least 3xwk and this week will be 5xwk. I was running 3miles but now run 4miles a day.

      • I used to do kickboxing as well! Each session was two hours long and I was knackered after each one. Never did a fight but did some light sparring which was fun.

        I had to stop doing running as it was doing my knees in.

  2. claire says:

    Yay running! The cantaloupe item made me lol. C keeps telling me I will die, but it came in the farm box! Farm box = safe, right?

    • lmsanderswilcox says:

      Our chances of dying are one in a million. Farm box or grocery store–depends what was in the water/soil/animals. The deadly melons came from Denver though so as long as you don’t have a Denver melon–you are good.

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