wings rule….

Yesterday W came home and did his little white man dance by the doorway (he does it every day because he still has his earbuds in from walking home) and then meandered to our inbetween counter (inbetween the kitchen and stairs/living room) to see if anything needs immediate straightening while I watched from my usual position on the couch and Rocky drooled on a throw pillow–also his usual position.


I don’t know what your talking about?–I was totally engrossed in something super interesting on internet.


Oh, I found that. I am going to send it to my Mom.

F*$&#K! NO DEAD BUGS ON THE COUNTER! NEW RULE: dead bugs can only stay on the counter for 24 hours!

Why do you get to make all the rules!!??! This SUCKS! When do I get to make a rule? How about this rule: The be quiet rule! HA! Besides, I don’t see what the big deal is–its cool and my Mom will love it. Why are you crushing my dreams!?!

I had taken a walk and found a perfect, perfectly dead, Monarch butterfly. I think it was killed by a team of ants/pack of ants–whatever you call a group of ants. I think this because when I picked it up a bunch of ants came out of its butt.

So I brought it home for my Mom….like a 6 year old. But seriously, my Mom will love it! The things you can do with butterfly wings. I remember her making a pair of earrings for a friend of ours out of butterfly wings–so delicate. Anyway I had to make sure there weren’t anymore ants in it so I left it on the counter. I really don’t see what the big deal is….

Okay- I have to get back to laundry. I went to the thrift store yesterday and found an amazing onesie/jumpsuit. I need to wash it and pretend that I’ve had it for a super long time or W will start making thrift store onesie purchasing rules. Rules are dumb…also living with me is very, obviously, awesome!

PS: this is inspired by my now favorite blog: The Bloggess. She is an awesome second behind Amy Sedaris! So funny and I wish I was her!


3 thoughts on “wings rule….

  1. Susan says:

    now I’m all caught up; thanks for saving me the bug–they are just amazing I think too, except for the ant, I don’t like ants–remember when I made us all mosquito dresses, except maybe your dad because he was at work and didn’t need one at 4 pm when the mosquitos came out. We put them on, then I gave each of us a can of RAID and we went out to kill ants–totally ppolitically incorrect. I have to be careful who I tell that story to because the children’s services could still come and paint a black cross on my door. You were not very efficient with your spraying. When I came upon you after getting many feet of ant trails, you were still in the same place drowning the little buggers in a lake of RAID. I think I did wash the long cotton djabalas in between our forays and gave up after I realised the ants were going to win anyway.

  2. violet says:

    I can see this whole situation going down like I was a fly on the wall. Classic.

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