I am drinking 1 mango margarita (frozen mango from TJs, half a lime, bit of tequila, and leftover rose wine to sweeten) and 1 berry margarita (same except frozen mixed berrys instead of mango–a bit too tart but I WILL NOT ADD SUGAR!!!–maybe I will combine the 2 next time) and watching the Conan O’Brien documentary on Netflix. Pretty perfect.

Anyhoo–I was just also reviewing my other favorite blog: Luxirare. It astounds me how much workmanship she puts into her pieces (both cloth and edible) and documents everything with great photography–all beautiful and none of it is too long-winded like my stuff (may be why she is SUPER famous).

SO I just wanted to talk about how much I love it. I wish I was so motivated and clean. SHe is so clean in her posts but (and I am glad about this) showing a bit more color and pieces of herself (she always blocks out her face). Check it out.



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