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W. says there aren’t enough pictures of him–he used his iphone a lot so that’s why.

Last weekend we took a minivaca to Washington D.C. I had never been before so we had a lot of sightseeing to cover in a mere 2 days. We ended up going through all the memorials except WWI. We went to the Natural History Museum and the American History Museum. The latter W loved….no LOVED! I liked the Natural History Museum but honestly I expected more dead stuff in fake habitats–there was some dead stuff but it was all in trendy glass cases; barely any fake habitats. Sad.

However, I did (as you can see in the photos) pretend to shake hands with TRex (BTW it said they are violent carnivores and current therories suggest they were actually scavengers–time for an UPDATE NH museum!!). Many of you may not know this but I was OBSESSED with dinorsaurs as a child…okay preteen. I had a dinosaur identifying book (similar to a bird watching book…except, you know, there aren’t dinosaurs anymore). So yeah, pretty exciting.

We went to fancy dinner and then to trendy Georgetown area and found THE BEST tourist shop–it had all these misspelled or old president or presidential candidate stuff–like Kerry Edwards and misspelled 3-d Bush Chanay (HA!) postcards. I also purchased a deck of cards with Bushes face photoshopped on to sexy pinups–super funny. As well as a coffee cup that is actually a half a coffee that says: “This is all I could afford because Virginia was so EXPENSIVE!” (HA!). It was to replace my former half a coffee cup from the 70s that said “you asked for Half a cup of coffee” (HA!).

Then we went to the zoo. The Giant apes are the best part of the zoo. I love them and seeing them in zoos is heartbreaking but often funny–every time I’ve seen them they eat their own poo from their butts (I think humans would do the same thing if we were wild so I’m not judging). The Orangutans at the National Zoo have a trapeze that goes all over the zoo–above patrons heads. Its pretty nifty. The only issue I have with that zoo is that its all downhill and all uphill the other way. That sucked–it sucked even more because it was so humid and because I was wearing cowboy boots. Mixing cowboy boots and humidity is not cool, not cool at all.

That covers it–I loved DC but I didn’t think a city could be more humid than Philly and it was so insanely humid. So insanely humid. Humidity makes me feel a bit happier about rejoining the West coast.


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