I have debated a lot of different ideas to suck up my free time. I think I am going to start an etsy store–why not? But I want to spend time working on my writing because I used to be a good writer and now I kindof suck.

In my early 20s I would write all sorts of editorials and freelanced in a couple places. But I don’t want to do that kind of writing. I want to write fiction but for now that is way out of my league. I want to write like Farley Mowat and David Sedaris–autobiographical stories that are funny and poignant. I am also thinking of Dickens.

I hate reading Dickens but do you know why I hate reading him? Because his work was never meant to be read as books. They were serials published (I think) weekly. What a great idea for a blog right??? SO I have decided to do that here. Of course my stories will never be book-long and will not be fiction (TO HARD!) but I like writing about the mice so why not move on from there?

This blog will still have my thoughts, troubles, trials, tribulations but also some hopefully humorful, poignant stories. The first one will be one I have wanted to write down for years:

Sam & Troubles–look for Part 1 (of 4) early Thursday.


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