keeping me going….

I owe you one more mouse story. Its coming but I have some BIG updates to add that involve pictures and I have been too into TV and such to get it together. When I start with the photos I get sucked in for most of the day so sometimes its hard.

Well some things are keeping me going. 1st is that I went to an extra call for a movie. I probably won’t be in it but on the off chance I am it will keep me going for a day–plus it was pretty entertaining to go to the casting call.

2nd–W and I spent the last 3 hours watching Anthony Bourdain NO RESERVATIONS!!! We both [everyone] love that show and during the New Orleans–after watching the tuscany one–I yelled out “Lets make an Italian going away dinner!!!!” Before W could answer I created an FB event for most people we know here to cook an Italian meal that you really can’t get on the westcoast–well maybe you could but it would cost $$$$$$$ and here you just go to the Italian Market and get everything 5/$1.00.

So this is definitely in planning stages but here is  menu so far (based off our favorite restaurant here Modo Mio:

PreStarts: Bread and amazing fresh lemmon churned butter in olive oil. Balsamic and olive oil too.

Starts: Meats, olives, cheese–and I am fighting for crostini as well.

Apps: I want to copy Modo Mio’s crab/basil/red pepper/hazelnut salad on potato crepe (SOOOO GOOD), Tomato/Basil/Mozarella stack with balsamic, Mussels in red sauce with bread (SOOOOO good and CHEAP).

Pasta: spinach ricotta gnocchi for vegetarians, fresh pasta and sausage/tomato sauce. Pastas (gnocchi is already in my freezer) are by yours truly and W makes amazing sausage pasta sauce–very simple and good and fresh.

Meat– not sure yet–W is in charge of this. maybe a slow roast of some sort that is Italian–this is not my area so I have no idea–any recommendations??

Dessert: Ricotta cheese cake–maybe pepper ricotta–not sure yet but this is amazing and not the calorie count of normal cheese cake, also not as sweet–will serve with crushed berries. ALSO Panna Cotta–I fucking LOVE THIS! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!! So this dinner will inspire me to figure out how to make it–its like creme but with gelatin and I hear its easy to make. Its so cremey but light and usually served with berries. So good!!!

Drinks: finish with a shot of Sambuca like Modo Mio? Don’t know yet. But requesting if people want to bring something they can only bring red wine.

This dinner is going to be TOPS! So excited!

Mouse story tomorrow!




One thought on “keeping me going….

  1. claire says:

    That sounds delicious! I’m sorry I never visited you. That would be hilarious if you did some acting on the side – that’ll get you set for job hunting in LA lol!

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