We have not caught/killed any mice. W is pretty upset about it. I think its due to W using dog treats–he doesn’t understand that peanut butter is the best mouse lure.

So with this whole chicken fad I would like to tell the story of the worst mice/rats as pests story I know. My brother E and Mom know what I am referring to but you don’t so here goes….

Way way back in the day (we know it was pretty far back because my parents were still married) we lived in the May Street house in Hood River. It was a small house but to my brother E and I, we thought it was huge. It was here we spent many hours terrorizing my mom: pretending we were super heros and jumping out of the second story window, E throwing rocks at a hornets nest and subsequently getting stung a bazillion times, smooshing rats in sleeping bags, smearing baby powder (amongst other things) all over the walls of our room, excitedly pooping in the back yard (don’t ask), getting electrocuted while trying to sneak into horse pastures, staying up all night trying to trap ants….those were the days!  We also had chickens.

They had a big coop out back and I think it had a full size screen door (not sure–this was a long time ago). I believe we had 3 chickens. Something, something and a big white one that I loved– named (by yours truely) Lacey.

We kept their chicken feed in a large shiny metal garbage can. I think it was full size but again I was probably all of 3 feet tall. Anyway I remember peering over the edge and it was half full of chicken feed.

I don’t know how it happened–how it got in but someone opened the lid and there was a large rat in the chicken feed. By large I mean the size of a rabbit–it was huge, and mean. I don’t actually know if it was mean but we were too scared to put our hands near it. I think we just got a new bag of chicken feed and let it stay in there.

Beware of large anything–large rats, large mice (story tomorrow). Soon after this rat settled in there were more rats. Neither large rat mom nor babies could get out. Large rat mom did what any rat would do–she mated with her babies and created more rats.

This, obviously, got out of hand. The day came when my Dad took care of it–the rats. For all you city people–this might be a little gruesome so let me just preface this before you call PETA. I lived outside of a small town before small towns in Oregon were cool and quaint. We were not rough but back then people handled situations differently then they do now. Now they get all artsy and humane–which I totally agree with but this was the time where people put unwanted kittens in a bag and drowned them, where puppies with the wrong father dissapeared. It was that sort of place.

My Dad grabbed a 2×4 and smashed the rats’ heads in. I don’t think I was there when it happened but I remember blood and chicken feed so I think I saw the remains. For the most part is was probably the quickest way for them to die…except they all didn’t die. There were big rats and little rats, I am pretty sure he got all the big ones but the little ones were hard to smash.

What do you do with little rats in your chicken feed? Well you do not do this: My Dad managed to put them in a plastic garbage bag and tied it to the exhaust pip on our VW rabbit. He revved the engine hoping to gas them. Rodents are crafty creatures though–this is underlined by the sneaky bastards getting into my popcorn last night– the little rats chewed a hole in the bag and escaped across the driveway and into my mother’s lovely garden. Sneaky bastards.

So that is what happens when rats get in chicken feed. For all of you cool people with chickens–words of warning.


3 thoughts on “pests….

  1. Snap close tupperware bins! And cats! That’s how we keep the rodent population at bay with our chickens. I think a nest live around our compost bin, and maybe the woodpile, because Fabrizio will sit and stare and the compost bin for hours, waiting to strike.

    We’re seen several little mice with big ears, and as I posted on FB earlier this week, one big ol’ field mouse with little ears. All killed by Fabby and friends.

  2. Susan says:

    A disclaimer: I never drowned kittens, I did run over one rescued, bloated one once for which Lea has still not forgiven me–it was an accident, and a brain damaged cat with major intestinal difficulties just didn’t know enough to get out of the way of my tires. Also, neither I nor my ex ever gassed puppies though my current tried but it didn’t work for similar reasons as the rats because, though puppies are not as smart as rats, they chew holes in things even more quickly plus they howl pathetically. We were and always have been politically correct pet owners and get everything spade or nuetered before any progeny can be brought forth–we do keep a cat who has to live out doors–against humane society rules– however, because I’m allergicked to cats and Lea couldn’t take yet one more cat with her when she moved. We love Harvey, as we did Circe B’lou, as we did Kitten Kachet. Though, I never liked that bloated unfortunate that I did accidentally run over which was an accident because I couldn’t even on purpose hit a rattle snake when I tried to run over it, but that is another May Street story.

  3. lmsanderswilcox says:

    Steph! Your cats are amazing mousers! Also baby bird terrorizers– I remember that.

    MOM! You never drowned kittens (that was one of my friend’s dad) and Hallie dissapeared the puppies.

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