spring forecast super boring….

Credit: style.com

Above (Ports 1961) is seriously the only thing I like from Spring 2012 so far…and I feel like you could make it or find it at Target.

W is sitting next to me watching Battle Star Galactica (BSG) and I am purusing New York’s fashion shows for Spring 2012. From what I can tell the designers took all their inspiration from what Free People and Victoria’s Secret have been putting out all summer. Seriously, I can go to the clearance bin section of those websites and drag out Spring 2012 runway.

Harsh, I know but I am kindof mad. I look to these shows to provide art and inspiration for the upcoming while. Last year sheer and jumpers were so exciting. I understand trying to make it last but shouldn’t you bring it to a  new level rather then regressing to blah.

I guess some may say sedate but I say boring. Maybe its the recession or something but glamour doesn’t have to be expensive!

Oh! Below is super funny. So drappy shirts have been overdone for at least 3 years (I know cause I was in PDX a long time ago purchasing them at good will from the pervious drappy shirt era) so what does Badgley Mischa do–put a bird on it, a DEAD bird! SUPER FUNNY! See below!

dead bird shirt-- Credit: style.com


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