do something….

So I am having a super hard time not having 24/7 stress and business. I vegetate in front of the TV and even that is losing its luster (Despite recently finding Lost in Austen on netflix). SO here are some ideas I want to put forth:

1. Make something for Etsy. I don’t really like Etsy but I want to make something super funny to sell there since people sell all sorts of craft [crap] there. Currently I am obsessed with making fake nail sets and calling them Party Nails.

2. I would really like to make personalized annual cards for people. For money but not really more then what it would cost to make them–I think $50 for work and $50 for printing (varies depending on quantity) but I am not sure how to start this OR how to do them since I take my own photos–they could provide photos but it would be limited to how I could work with them. Would people even buy this? Also I could do graphic design freelance but that is a lot of work building clients.

3. Volunteer–I have already emailed a ton of places. But since I am out of here in 1.5 months that is hard too.

4. Work–I would like to work but again 1.5 months. I am trying to hold out for my license so maybe I can give shots.

5. Write a story. A real story–I would like to do that as well as draw or paint.

6. Tumblr. I have a tumblr but have been trying to figure out what to do with it. I think I may turn it into a photography blog. But when I think of that I think–why don’t I make just a blog so people [me] can go through archives.

Do you like how I am using [] more often? Do you have any advice or any ideas?


One thought on “do something….

  1. Susan says:

    all of the above… using this time to do something creative for you would be the best use of it… Maybe go to that yarn shop we stopped in at and pick up a project: mittens, socks, a beautiful scarf for an xmas present for Bonnie, Nora, John–someone who isn’t moving to frigging hot LA??? Knitting uses both hands and both sides of a brain so is pretty satisfying and that lady at the shop seemed kind of lonely so would like the company. I was going to go back there if I’d come back to Philly this Fall and miss it so you can have the experience for me and then write a story about it on your blog because your writting is wonderful. Oh, yeah, and you still have your canvas/oil painting in progress here in my studio if you want to pursue that venue when you are here in November…

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