done paranoia….

So I am done with nursing school. I am pretty proud of myself. For the exit exam we needed a 950 or 87%. I got a 1032 and 94.8% and in the 91st percentile. Yep, pretty proud.

I meant to do some big bang post but aside from having oto many pink cocktails everything just sort of ended. Its over. No more class or hospitals. No more feeling like an insane person most of the time. No more going through what has been to date the hardest part of my life. I know nursing school isn’t as hard as some other schools but this wasn’t just nursing school but nursing school in 11 months. The same, if not more, class and clinicals hours as every other nursing school.

Some classmates wouldn’t, but I would do it again. I will miss everyone who was in it, the crazy clinicals, the insane head-exploding stress of finals, the constant pressure of $38 thousand failure on my head.

One other thing I want to mention from my extremely bias brain: I had no idea what nurses did before this program. I thought I did, but I didn’t. I never knew how much science and thinking was involved. How smart you have to be–haha, I’m SMART!

I feel like I was lucky to be here in Philadelphia for it too. Such a huge population means you get to see pretty gross textbook cases. Also–this city (I have said it so many times) is fucking amazing.

So now what–well I have to wait for the paper work to go through to take my boards (knock on wood it should be a cake-walk compared to exit exams). In the meantime–while making W hold hands last night I told him “I think I am having an existential crisis.’

I am not sure what that is but all the sudden my role changed. I went from insane stress to what? nothing….I am giving myself a week to have this crisis but then I have to find something to keep me busy–small job, volunteering, flu shot giver. Anything.

In the meantime: I am done, I am doing yoga, I am running, I am watching ALL of Greys Anatomy.



One thought on “done paranoia….

  1. Susan says:

    you will get a kick out of “Doc Martin” too; but then you will want to move to some adorable little village on the coast of Cornwall and Wesley wouldn’t be able to find a job… the 4th season has a really bad, bad midwife character who I wanted to shake. It should be on netflix and some is on Hulu but then you have to watch the adds which is OK ’cause it is a good time to get up and get something to eat or go to the bathroom. I like Grey’s Anaatomy too but haven’t watched that many. Don’t go nuts; call me instead or knit or something…

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