the calm before the storm….

Literally, because there is a hurricane headed my way. Figuratively, because next week is my last set of finals and my Exit HESI. The BIG HESI.

I took Rocky for a walk to the park this morning. The city was deadly calm and hazy. It was/is unbearably humid. The Delaware river was going the wrong way–flowing upstream. The only sound were the cicadas. There really is  a calm before the storm and its still going on–very eerie.

I am trying to study but so far I am just going back and forth between FB, Gmail, Hurricane updates, and various fashion or celebrity blogs. I think I know that once I start I will get on a roll. Its just that roll feels so awful and I am now pretty convinced that no matter what I am not going to pass that HESI on the first try. I will pass my classes (knock on wood but I have pretty good grades this quarter so it would be pretty hard to fail–but you never know!!!). Its just that 87% hanging over my head. I have to get 87% to pass. Thats a lot for a pretty huge, difficult test. It would be like getting a 1392 (I did the math) on the SAT–let me tell you here that I did NOT get a 1392 on the SATs.

Luckily there is a retake 2 weeks after the first try. No matter how many times I tell myself its fine if I don’t pass the first time–I know it won’t be fine. I am so ready for the weight of Drexel Ace Nursing to be over that adding 2 more weeks will be very depressing. I know this is relative–I am not dying in Libya–but its still depressing.

The roll–once I start I type and type and type. That’s how I study. I retype and reorganize all my powerpoints (the books are useless). It gets to be fun but I type so much during one week that my wrists and back (stupid computer chair) hurt so much that no amount of advil will help. I think during last finals I typed over 80 pages in 9pt font. I will literally talk to no one for 5 days even though W could be right downstairs. Its gets very lonely. I like the material but I hate the process.

So hopefully, after this, I will starting rolling away. Give Rocky a pat and get into the groove.


One thought on “the calm before the storm….

  1. Susan says:

    like climbing a mountain, running a marathon, or labor and delivery with a baby–you will do it because you have trained well and all that typing works… ordeals are lonely because they can only be done by one’s self but we all are with you because you are loved…

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