big news….

Last night I wore a sweatshirt OUTSIDE. I may wear sweaters inside because W keeps the AC on freezing and likes to create a “wind tunnel” but this was the first time SINCE JUNE I have worn a sweatshirt outside. Last week was similar with jeans and a long sleeve shirt (separate times and I was at the beach). Its crazy because it actually feels a bit crisp this morning. I never thought I would say that again.

I know the NW has basically had no summer so far. That is terrible. But, for me, what else is terrible is 80-100 degrees with 50-100% humidity all summer. With this sort of weather, I cry on the inside.

I am excit


One thought on “big news….

  1. Susan says:

    We had our 2 days of summer–Sunday got to 96 and yesterday 90–but it rained last night, cleared off the high and now we are back to coastal clouds and cool, as in perfect, temperature. I’m glad you got to experience a mid-atlantic summer, and winter, and even more glad that you get to move back to the west coast “where everyone knows you’re name.” Did Anna email you that Jen knows two friends who are nurses in LA? Nice to know someone who knows someone.

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