lea blends….

For a hot second I had a cooking blog but there was no way I could keep that up or make up recipes. I cook by feel with some things and stick to strict orders from amazing cooks for others. I have no place in that area. EXCEPT I feel I am a pretty good bartender.

I used to bartend but the only reason I think I have any skill is that the person who trained me was an amazing mixologist. However, one of the drinks I invented is still on the drink menu so maybe I have some natural talent–but everyone does given opportunity.

Anyway–here are my directions for making awesome blended margaritas. You will need

100% Aguave tequila (no Jose Quervo–not even Platinum–its crap in a nicer bottle). I always ask the people at the liquor store because they usually know their liquor. But you also don’t have to spend an arm and a leg because this is going in a flavored drink.

Bag O’ Limes

Sugar or if you’re fancy: Simple Syrup

Fruit–frozen or super ripe. Currently I’ve been buying the frozen bags of mango from trader joes.

Ice–I use small cub trays or bags of ice because they’re easier on blenders.

Throw fruit, the juice from 4 limes, and tequila in blender ( I use however much tequila I feel like– but if you want you could pour a 4-5 count with a spout for however many margaritas you are making, you can practice in shot glasses if you want to be perfect but you can always adjust later). Add a couple handfuls of ice and start blending. If its watery add more ice, if its too thick add a bit of water. The ice will make the margarita expand a lot–so be prepared and don’t overfill. Add sugar to taste–the thing with sugar is that it can vary with what or how ripe the fruit you are using is.

The thing with any good bartender is that they taste their drinks. Taste your margaritas as you’re making them and add what you think is missing whether its lime, fruit, water, sugar, or tequila.

GOAL: my goal for margaritas is that they should taste light and fresh with the tequila coming through but not overpowering. They should not be sickly sweet or stomach cringingly sour. So throw away your mix and your tripple sec (that stuff is gross) and make a fresh blended margarita!

PS: You can exchange the tequila for rum and make Daiquiris!

**UPDATE** I also wanted to say that usually margaritas are super bad for you–that’s why they make ‘skinny girl versions. If you stick to simple naturally sweet fruit and lime with a touch of sweet,  you won’t have the insane calorie/sugar count as margaritas from the mix.


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