yellow gold….

Today is my birthday. I would like to say thankyou to my Mom and Dad for making me, and to my brother and stepfather for raising me too. And to friends because they are awesome and put up with my awesomeness (read annoyingness).

I like to say I am turning Old. I am actually 32 today–it seems like a lot…and then it seems like a little.

I celebrated by putting a foley catheter in a woman’s hoohaa. I took 2 attempts because I thought I got it in the vaj first because I thought there should be some resistance and there wasn’t. Its a sterile procedure so I had to start all over again but it turns out I was right the first time and struck yellow gold–pee coming out. I have never been so excited for pee! I am sure the woman was pretty excited too. Anyway, better than cupcakes and coming from me that is HUGE.

Also better than cupcakes!— W made me this awesome birthday jam (I am very lucky to have such an awesome boyfriend):


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