never do….

Today we went to the beach. We were going to Ocean City but traffic was soooooo bad we just stayed on the expressway and went to Atlantic City. It was actually pretty awesome and I saw my first horse shoe crab–it was dead and smelled but it was still awesome.

Anyhoo–while we were stuck in traffic (before abandoning Ocean City) Wesley got into a conversation about stuff we have no problem putting in the ‘I never want to do that’ category.

Back in the day I was a barista and this old dude was trying to get in my pants and wanted to take me sky diving (he was on the brittish sky diving team back in the day) but little did he know that A) he was super old and B) I NEVER EVER want to sky dive. I’m sorry but I avoid situations where I could easily die even if they are free.

We also talked about it because we are heading to Iceland in the fall and they eat whale there. I have no need to EVER eat whale. I NEVER EVER want to eat that animal. Also- I never want to eat shark–I probably have because they use it in ‘fish n’ chips’ and I think we tried to eat a dogfish we caught when we were little. BUT I NEVER EVER want to knowingly eat shark.

I also never want to climb a mountain. People die AND its hard work. I will watch TV while you go do that.

Other things I never want to do: base jumping and running a marathon.

This sounds pretty negative–there are things I want to do: I would like to be a trauma nurse, go to India on a healthcare trip, nurse in disaster situations, do a mini triathlon (I’m talking 5k, 1000 yard swim, 10 mile bike ride—not fucking ironman) and other stuff. I am just happy there are some things I can definitely cross off the list.


One thought on “never do….

  1. Susan says:

    me too, and… nothing is free!!

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