officially official….

Some things JUST happened that make our move to L.A. officially official. Now down to the business of finding a job, finding a job in the meantime of finding a more specific nursing job, moving, oh and that annoying thing called finishing nursing school without losing my brains.

Also my brother is getting married Thanks Giving weekend now. Congrats E and A! So I am helping with SavetheDates and invitations. And flying out there for the wedding. So that combined with graduation (knock on wood, cross your fingers, etc.), going on a visit to Iceland,  and getting my boards will also make for a very fun, yet very busy, fall.

I need to write a 3 page research paper–a baby research paper but I am dragging my heels through almost dry concrete. I hate it. Its dumb but I have to do it.

I also am finally catching up on sleep. I made the mistake of taking an Advil PM. Yes, it helped me sleep–it helped me sleep walk to checkout on trach care and injections and half sleep through the weekend and during the bbq I threw on Saturday night. Okay, I might not have actually been asleep  but it felt like I was going to go all narcoleptic and pass out in one of my beautifully made margaritas. Did I tell you I am a beautiful margarita maker? I am, and it would have sucked if I had nose-dived-passed-out in one and not from drinking it but from stupid Advil PM.

Anyway…we are officially official on moving to L.A.


2 thoughts on “officially official….

  1. Susan says:

    back to the same time zone, and I have a soft spot for downtown LA’s China town and the La Brea tarpits–your Dad’s Aunt Helen was the most successful realtor in LA for years even though, or maybe because, she looked like a bear; another reason to like LA and they have great art museums without all the snobbery and concert halls and a lot of people speak Spanish.

  2. ken says:

    Happy Happy Birthday Lea

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