1,6,2 respectively….

I was so stressed last night I laid in bed all night until 3am then fell asleep for 1 hour before getting up for clinical. You see Drexel lost all of our recommendations. Poof gone.

At clinical I literally cleaned up shit for 6 hours. Both my patients were very interesting but one was very incontinent. I don’t really care–his poop didn’t smell that bad and it was nice to see him go from so embarrassed to just relieved when we treated it like it was no big deal. I like seeing patients relax in my presence–more than anything it makes me feel like I am doing something. AND poop really isn’t a big deal at a hospital–it happens all the time to everyone.

When I got home I was exhausted and I slept for 2 blissful hours–I didn’t want to sleep too long cause I have clinical again tommorrow. It was so nice. I love a good nap.

Now I am doing homework. I hope your day was at least an 8,0, 1 respectively. FYI thats 8 hours sleep, 0 poop, and 1 hour nap–or more if you need it.


One thought on “1,6,2 respectively….

  1. Susan says:

    you’re sounding good and focusing on being a good nurse/person… I know about feeling bad putting people out having to clean up my shit, literally. My nurses at Kaiser, in hospital, are how I see you in practice. You are angels… Hope things work their way out with the recommendations… soon!!!

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