fall please….

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But here its 103 plus 60% humidity. You can’t go outside. The photos above were taken a month ago when it was 85-90. Now our street is quite during midday because the city has actual put out warnings that it is too hot to for water play!

Currently, I am laying on my couch in a bikini sweating despite our two ACs putting forth their best efforts. Rocky is panting on the floor constantly wagging his tail because he hasn’t been able to go for a walk in 3 days–it hasn’t gotten below 90 at night.

W is out of town. Thank God. He does not handle the slightest heat and he would melt….and be super cranky.

So think of Rocky and I as you frolic in your 80-85 NON HUMID weather. We will be laying in sweltering Philly dreaming of fall.

**UPDATE***  IT STARTED RAINING!!!!! THANK YOU WHOEVER IS RESPONSIBLE!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOUT!Oh MY! It started RAINING! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I stood in it for 20 minutes in my skimpy, sweaty, bikini! So nice. I think Rocky is even happier–he has that dog smile look on his face.


One thought on “fall please….

  1. Susan says:

    we had our season high yesterday (July 24th, 3rd day of anything one could call “summer”) of 87 with @40% humidity so there was a great thunderlighting storm in the middle of the night with a soothing shower and now we are back to sweaters, slippers and wool blankets (never gave up on the wool blankets). Portland may be the hinterland, but we’re cool.

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