My mom is in the hospital. I am here.

I have 4 midterms on Monday and Tuesday.

I have my patient actor experience on wednesday–it could be any of 20 issues and we are videotapped.

W is gone for 2 weeks. I thought it would be fine because these weeks are super busy but I miss him and am super bored–he does keep me pretty entertained.

I have some part-time job leads but its all up in the air.

I have no idea how I am going to pass the HESI. 87% 87% 87%

I am not motivated at all.

I know it could be way worse. I am healthy and I do not live in Sudan or in a LifeandDeath Situation.

BUT I am so overwhelmed. over over over overwhelmed. I think its more that I am exhausted and so over being overwhelmed.

Just hang on Lea, hang on. Mom will be okay, W will come home and sing and dance for you (not really…okay sometimes this is true), you will pass everything and then you can get on with it.


One thought on “ppphhhffff….

  1. Susan says:

    you are right, Mom is home and OK except for this nagging pain in my back but I have a plan with my nurses and docs and my goal is to stick to it and then I will go to Sock Summit classes. So you can take worry about me off your radar–maybe it was meant to be for your nursing program to see how you work under pressure, home pressure, faraway home pressure–anyway you did good–I never lost touch with you because I had this little pink guy right beside me (except through surgery) the whole time and kept visitors and nursing staff busy looking for him when he got lost in the covers or fell out of the bed… focus on your last paragraph there–love mom

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