old people….

I think I have told you this before but I have Geriatric (old people) clinical at a nursing home. At first I thought it was lame but hanging out with the elderly is a lot of fun.

The one thing I want to say that you have heard before is don’t smoke, don’t eat to much sugar because in these populations you see the affects. Sure, you may live just as long as me but those last 20 years for smokers and diabetics SUCK. Smokers, your lungs (to healthcare workers) sound like overinflated sacks–ie like nothing–and you have to live craving oxygen because cigarettes knocked out your CO2 drive (how most people breath) so your lungs only know to breath when they get too low on oxygen. Diabetics lose feeling in toes and fingers and gi tract so you shit all the time or you don’t shit enough then you get fecal impactions and vomit…shit while your toes rot off. Just wanted to put out that reminder….



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