THis last quarter is going to be tougher than expected. Hopefully I can  update once I get a handle on things but that might be after I pass my HESI! So nuts! It makes me miss home and friends and family.  Clinicals are good except for a rise in shit cleaning. Trying to wipe poop out of hairdownthere is not fun. I am learning a lot about hearts and reading those heart strips. I love it. Also–here is a fun fact–did you know that when you see a flat line on TV and they shock them that in real life it doesn’t work. You need some sort of rhythm to shock. For a flat line you give a drug like epinephrine or, I think, atropine.



One thought on “gone….

  1. Susan says:

    thanks for anything you write; I’ve been going through Lea withdrawal this past week, also. I keep forgetting to tell you that your elk horn fern has four new leaves and and two new lung thingys and one of the old leaves died and fell off, so it is doing great and I feel so successful. Had the followup MRI today and it was really hard and I started to cry (mostly because I forgot to take my bra off even though the technician reminded me not 2 seconds before–don’t tell anyone, I felt like a fool and yelled out to him–so I thought I might explode or something…) anyway, even after I got the bra off it still took a long time and I’m not going to Salem again because it is too far away from home and we got in a traffic jam and now I feel old. Just before I got on the table for the test the tech asked me if I’d ever had cancer before which I tried not to let freak me out, but it did and might left brain yelled at my right brain the whole time. But, that ordeal is over. I tried to think of what to send you in a care package while I laid there and came up with some ideas and I’ll get it off tomorrow but won’t arrive until Tuesday because of the 4th. I’m spinning now and knitting and reading. You don’t need to write about the hairy poop, though, unless it helps to vent…

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