last time around…hopefully….

So it begins again. This time is the last time though (knock on wood). One more set of finals, one more set of HESIs including the big HESI. The real deal the one I have to get an 86.7 percent on or all hell breaks loose (ie I have to take it again and again and again). Then boards but boards are cake compared to the BIG HESI.

This quater’s start was a bit rough after intense finals and a fabulous visit by my niece L (more on that later). Classes seem either engrossing and difficult or bllllllaaahhh and boring. I only have 2 clinicals but a lot more accountability. I also have to checkout every week for a skill: injections, foleys (aka putting a lubed tube up a manequins hoohaa), IVs, etc. Oh- during midterms we get a patient actor we get to assess and take care of–while being video tapped–seems a little wrong, doesn’t it???

Oh, yeah, Find a job.

Lots to do, lots to do.


One thought on “last time around…hopefully….

  1. Susan says:

    “Bird by Bird”

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