finally over….

I am on the top of a double decker Megabus to NYC with my neice L. She is sleeping so I thought it would be a good time to recap this last week.

It sucked.

This finals week was by far the hardest. The content was more intense and I studied less. I did well and can BOLD my gpa on my resume. I have never cared or thought about my GPA before. As good as I did, as much as I was happy to even pass–I got below the mean on a couple of HESI tests and exams. I do not deal well with getting below the mean.

I have to remind myself that I am in a class of 120 people who are (sometimes literally) clawing there way through school. I would recommend this program but 24-26 credits of nursing school credits a quarter is no bag of chips. Anyway, I have to remember we are all very smart people to have made it this far so sometimes getting below the mean is not the end of the world. However, it will not happen again.

Also- the night before my Peds final and HESI I thought the world was going to end and got 1 hour of shitty sleep. A couple months ago (for a lot reasons) I had my IUD taken out. The result is that I am happier but my PMS has gotten worse while my hormones are readjusting. For about 6 hours a month I really think the world is ending and everything sucks and is hopeless. Usually, I spend this time glued to a crappy TV show or on the elipitcal at the gym until the world gets better again. This time it hit at 10pm and I just laid in bed clutching W’s arm chanting ‘everything will be alright’ until 4am, getting up at 5am to study. Not cool.

On Friday, after my last final, we went to a Thai BYOB with 20 of my classmates and 10 bottles of pink champaign. It was awesome. Then we went to UPenn’s super old crew house (I guess a classmate is a coach) on the Schysalwerisdflk (I don’t know how to spell or say that name) river, where my friend S and I cleaned up at beer pong and Flip cup–an awesome way to celebrate finals being over and prove that this 31 year old can still kick any 23 year olds ass at drinking games–my former sailing coach didn’t call me The Devil for nothing.

Then I cabbed it (it was about 200 degrees with 100000000% humidity) to meet W and we went to dinner at Jose Garces Chifa— a super grand day. AND now I get to show my neice NYC—a super grand week. Hope your weeks is ending as nicely!

So my resulting grades: B+, A-, A-, A: 3.65! My overall gpa is above a 3.5 meaning I can get into NP school if I should ever want to go.


3 thoughts on “finally over….

  1. ken says:

    holy shit

  2. Susan says:

    congrats on the GPA and future NP plans… but take care of yourself during those 6 hours a month which sound really scary. I’ve hung onto Ken’s nightshirt like that and it’s gotten me through many an encounter with the black dog; that and believing that tomorrow would be better which it almost always has been. So, you and Ely going to have kids the same age? -love mom.

  3. claire says:

    you are rockin lea! nice work!!!

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