take it to the otherside….

ABOVE: Rocky, at W’s old house, really wanting to go for a walk. Also, much like Zoolander–he can only turn in one direction. Despite not being so young and svelte he still does this same dance when you say Walk or rustle plastic bags.

quick post. Finals are starting. We are pretty sure that we are moving to LA sometime next year. We are also pretty sure that Rocky is going blind, amongst all his other issues (someday I will write about that).

He is having trouble with the stairs. Our stairs are pretty steep and high so its not really hard to have issue with them–I have issue with them, I have fallen down them. He is doing this thing where he can’t even start them and its only been recently. You sort of have to push his butt to give him the confidence he needs to climb them. That being said, this morning when I was resetting the modem (again!), he  was all of the sudden right behind me drooling on my flip flops when he had been downstairs eating–aka spreading his kibble around the living room.

Now we are studying outside in my lush (W’s words, not mine) garden. He is sleeping on my yoga mat. Ah Rocky, you are so adorable and all I want to do all day is hug you. I also love that you are so spoiled you can’t even lay on the ground like a proper dog–no you need (at least) a yoga mat. I am sorry you are going blind but you seem to love life just the same.

See you on the flip side of finals.

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3 thoughts on “take it to the otherside….

  1. Susan says:

    sounds like Rockie is doing a good job taking care of you both–our garden is lush, but kinda humid and won’t be long til the mosquitos come and make life miserable but get to have all the doors and window open for a day or two because the temperature is the same inside and out which makes the whole town my living space… Lauren worked for me today and we talked about her trip to Philly: sounds like she will be bringing about $200 in cash and a gift card if she doesn’t lose them or forget them. She seems really young all of a sudden and is hoping you will meet her at gate which is inside security which I told her but maybe where she comes out of that long walk from the gate.. She is worried that the plane will fall out of the sky and I told her we all worry about that but chances are really against it. She might go home tonight and make a list, but I doubt it so may forget a bunch of stuff which is ok because you have it in Philly. She wanted to know what was good to eat there and I told her about the fried brussel sprouts and she said she would bring some home with her for me which sounds kindof disgusting. We made a rhubarb pie and sent the bulk home with her for her mom, et al. Miss you, hug Rockie and WEsley

    • lmsanderswilcox says:

      Tell her: Pizza, pretzels, mozarella, burgers, sandwiches (hoagies here). Tell her everything is good here thats why its in the top 5 for fattest cities.

    • lmsanderswilcox says:

      Also- that I think I can meet her at the gate but not inside security because you have to have a ticket. L

      On Mon, Jun 6, 2011 at 6:40 AM, Lea Sanders-Wilcox wrote:

      > Tell her: Pizza, pretzels, mozarella, burgers, sandwiches (hoagies here). > Tell her everything is good here thats why its in the top 5 for fattest > cities. > >

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