shit luck….

Not me–I am lucky. Lucky Lea! We actually found a sign while on a sailing trip that said just that.

For peds I am on a respiratory floor. I am at one of THE BEST, if not THE BEST children’s hospitals in the country. This means I see a lot of hardcore cystic fibrosous patients and asthma patients. The asthma patients get better once they get some rest and, mainly, drugs. The cystic fibrosis patient also, with a few exceptions, gets better after a more lengthy tuneup. Cystic fibrosous does not just affect lungs–it affects your pancreas (amongst other things) so most older CF patients (age 4-16) get  pancreatic enzymes and some are diabetic. There has been a lot of headway with CF and now the mild cases have life expectancy of up to 40 (it was 20 about 5 years ago).

Anyhoo- enough about respiratory–I go back tomorrow. What I am here to say is that, for a hot second, W and I were thinking about looking into adopting a child. I have never met this child but it (‘it’ is for HIPPA) is supposed to be amazing and smiley. You see this child is in the hospital for a birth defect and needs a major–very experimental–transplant. It cannot get the transplant because it was born to druggies and was then abandoned when they learned of the amount of care needed. Oh–I think it was starved (via neglect) for awhile too. Since the child does not have a stable home it is not a viable candidate for the transplant. It is going to a home instead. I don’t want to say the age of the child but let me leave it at this child is very very young.

That is a shit life.

We talked, I gleaned information from classmates, and I went over it with my dad. We can’t, I can’t, W can’t adopt and we know that. The child, no matter what, will probably not get a transplant and even if it does (like all transplants) will be on massive amounts of drugs for the rest of its life–if it survived the surgery. Its just sad. Its shit. It sucks that a child has to be born to shitty parents in a shitty situation. Its shit to not be able to help.


2 thoughts on “shit luck….

  1. Susan says:

    Probably hardest thing you will have to do/learn is what your limits are… and saving, or not, a needful child is soooooo hard. Evolution set us up to save and also to have these darlings that need saving but are just not viable and will take us out with them. Baring and raising you and Ely to adulthood challenged me at the utmost of my limits and i can’t even imagine if one of you had been challenged physically or mentally. I reached my potential as a human female being by being and continuing to be your parent. Thanks for being you, and for Wesley being him. Maybe he’ll break down and let you get a goat or some other pet that you can really get your teeth into; then you can have a kid…

  2. claire says:

    Oh Lea, that is so sad. You and W are so amazing for considering the idea. I hope that “it” finds a home. Phone call tonight?

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