racy history….

I am sooo full of recommendations lately. Sorry about that. I think I am getting super ready for this program to be over and my life to be back on track–aka more time for reading and watching with ease. I watch a lot of tv but it is not with ease–it is the only way I can function at this point in the quarter.

Anyway–the above book was my favorite book in 6th grade (I know it was 6th grade because we were living in Doe Bay on Orcas Island). Let me tell you it is a little racy for a 6th grader. However, the story is super good and painful and based on a HISTORY.

Seriously–which is part of why I am talking about it now and the other part is NPR interviewed a dude who wrote a book on the main characters son Quannah Parker. He was the last free Comanche Chief. He was half white. I really really want to read his book on Chief Parker but I have to wait. I hate waiting. Waiting sucks and is for losers.

PS: if you end up reading and liking that book the author did another historical romance on Sacajawea–it is also pretty good if a bit racy.


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