yes, you can ditch me for kirsten wiig….

W and I have a list of acceptable people we can ditch eachother for. My list included Most Def, Pharrell Williams, and Jeff Goldblum (he can wiggle his ears). His list included Rashida Jones and Kirsten Wiig. For a long time I said ‘Kirsten Wiig..really??? I mean she’s sort of funny but really??’

Now I fully support him leaving me for Kirsten Wiig–even though their relationship would never work because she’s a vegetarian. I changed my tune because we saw our first movie in Philly since moving: ‘Bridesmaids’

It was super funny and mainly just Kirsten Wiig doing what Kirsten Wiig does best. She reminds me a lot of Steve Martin. The kind of comic you can watch for hours just moving and not even talking. Spefically like Steve Martin in ‘The Jerk’ or “All of Me.’ The are both so funny when they talk but their body humor is just as good.

Maya Rudolph was also fantastic and so was Melissa McCarthy of ‘Gilmore Girls’ and ‘Samatha Who?’

I have to say that Melissa McCarthy has been a favorite of mine for a long time and its cool to see her almost steal the movie away from everyone else. She also gets to play a butch character–opposite of her usual roles–essentially the Zack Galafianakis of the movie. I won’t totally give it away but pooping in a sink while yelling ‘LOOK AWAY LOOK AWAY!!’ is super funny.

The situations are extreme but also ones that women have been in and men have witnessed or been apart of from the periphery. Women are competitive bitches to eachother (myself is DEFINITLY included), men are assholes, women can be crazy, men can be nice. Its all there.

Also, women are way way grosser then men so I have to say that if there was a battle between this movie and ‘The Hangover’, ‘Bridesmaids’ would STOMP ‘The Hangover.’ That is how funny it is: Waywayway more funny. W and I laughed the whole time–the whole auidence was laughing the whole time.

In short, I strongly recommend this movie.


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