close-up garden….

When we moved here I (I say I because all W did was turn part of it into a dog litter box) inherited a garden. Last summer we harvested pepper after pepper and an insane amount of tomatoes. This spring I decided that tomatoes are too water hungry and with my skillz they would never rippen so I tore everything out except Kale–which is now flowering beautifully :(– strawberries, and some marojam. I planted peas, beans, mint, rosemary,  thyme, sunflowers, eggplant, dill, cilantro, corn, radishes, pumpkins, and watermelon–later, gleaned from reading too many design blogs, I may try to make a wall of strawberries. So far everything but the pumpkins and watermelon have sprung. I am extremely pround but I don’t think its my skillz–its the awesome warm rain weather and the massive amounts of flowering fertilizer I put on everything (hence the blooming kale).

Anyway-here are pictures:

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