figure it out….

We are trying to figure out what we want to do after I graduate in the fall (fingers permently crossed, knock on wood, etc.).

I LOVE Philly. Love love love it. But it is so far away from friends and family. I have made new friends here but W and I know a move will happen sooner or later. So should it be sooner? or later?

Moving back to the Northwest is not an option yet. That will definitely  be later. What it has come down to is stay here or move to LA in the fall or in a year.

Because I love it here I would prefer to move this fall–I only see myself getting more attached.

I worry because I have not spent much time in LA–have not been there since I was 8. I have no idea what the city is like, where to live, is there art? music? Is it a requirement to get fake boobs and commute 2 hours if you live there? Will W leave me for a fake blond The Hills member and will I leave him for a 55 year old rich dude?? Isn’t that what happens in LA?!?!?!

I worry about these things but I hear there are pretty cool parts of LA too…and the beach. Its right there! The time zone would be good too- and shorter flights to the Northwest.

I moved to Philly sight unseen and loved it. Maybe I love living anywhere? No–I don’t think I would love living in Alaska–too much wilderness and darkness/lightness.

Also- how do I get a nursing job in Philly much less LA??


2 thoughts on “figure it out….

  1. Susan says:

    Your Dad and I did that: first moving to Sacramento for a year, where Ely was born; second moving to Fort Collins for two years, where you were born. You already own Philadelphia, whether you stay there another year, or not, doing a “residency” in LA would be a whole new adventure, so I vote for it. And, of course there is music, art, and coffee shops there…probably on the beach and year round–no good old markets though, only mercados. As far as the big boobs and the rich old dude, not to worry; they’ve found each other so you and W. (does Wesley mind being called “W.”?) are safe. Oh, and finding a job, check Craig’s list.

  2. claire says:

    afsdkdfjksk;dfsadfs; LA is soo close to SF we can hang all the time OMG. Exciting choices!!! 🙂

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