First, I want to say Congrats to Vi and Dave! Yes, another single friend bites the dust and becomes a finance. Such fancy words! My fancy friends deserve them!

I remember–a year ago? Two years ago? Anyway–some time ago. I was sitting with Thu, Vi, and another best BJ (I am lucky to have a lot of bests) at Dim Sum. We were all unmarried but with good partners. Their partners were there but I was visiting without W.

Today, a short time later, BJ is married and in family planning mode, Thu and Vi are engaged. This is definitely growing up. Its pretty cool.

But remember those days when we were wild and crazy–okay maybe not wild and crazy but we did have some fun times. I don’t miss them, but they were fun. Now life is a lot more relaxing with lounging in backyards and sipping lite cocktails. Going out 2-7 days a week is a lot of work–the idea of it seems EXHAUSTING. Dinner parties (I would like to have one someday) are a lot of work but I think not as much as primping and pulling and stuffing and masking– and probably cheaper than the drinks at Clurbs.

Its pretty fun being in our 30s.


One thought on “yay!….

  1. claire says:

    ahhhhh agreed! 30s are nicer, but i miss the great time in the 20s when i saw you all more. hugs!!

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