sugar, the boring truth….

Okay this article by The New York Times Magazine is super boring. I only got 3 pages in before I was soooo bored I stopped reading it. Seriously- the dude could have been a bit more concise. But then, who am I to talk about concise?!?!

Anyhoo- sugar is bad. People call it EVIL but I don’t think it is EVIL. How can an inorganic substance be EVIL? You know who is EVIL? Food companies who make food that’s crap and get subsidies for it. I cannot wait till people start really suing their asses.

So what’s the deal with sugar and why should we be concerned? We eat a lot of it and its in everything and its making everyone diabetic. Thats it–we were not meant to consume so much every day. I know how much because I used to shove 2 king size snickers, 5 snack size snickers, and a scone in my face. I would really feel the ride until the end of the work day; followed by a fast crash into crankyhood. That is bad. This is was leads to diabetic foot ulcers complete with gangrene. Trust me–see/smell that once and snickers don’t look so good. Anyway, sugar increase (specifically high fructose sugar which is like sugar on crack–iinnntttteeennnssseeee) has been directly correlated with obesity rise.

Anyhoo again, for more explanation see the below video. Its long but good. I have probably posted it before.

Oh- I should say here that I am doing Dr.Gotts old-school nosugar, noflour diet 6 days a week to avoid eating junk food at class and the hospital–and, of course, still not eating candy. Oh! on that 7th day, I will not rest, I will not eat a weeks worth of junk food–I will use that day to make food or go out to fancy dinner with W. W likes fancy dinners–I do too.


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