the things we do for those we care about….

Every Sunday at the LMSW&WBJ house we do a top-to-bottom clean. Every Sunday–like our version of church. W calls it a deep clean; he loves it. It was his idea and practice before we lived together. I have semigraciously accepted and made it apart of my schedule. Those who know me scoff– Lea clean?!?! Yeah right!! I know I know. But I do. The things we do for those we care about.

You see I used to live with around 1-2feet of clothes on my floor. It was the only way I could see what to wear. I was not organized. I always had the feeling it was all or nothing with me. Either be an disorganized mess or an obsessive compulsive cleaner. For the most part, I was right.

Sure, by the end of the week my clothes get a little precariously stacked on my top shelf in the closet but when laundry is done every Sunday I meticulously fold every piece; then I refold it all again because its just not right and I cannot see all my tanktops. If I cannot see it how will I know its there??? Also, I just switched my winter wardrobe for my summer one. I do that now. Down in the basement went all my heavy wool sweaters and up came sundresses and fancy tanks tops.

Along with folding then refolding my clothes I also HATE it when other people (ie W) folds towels or sheets. I also hate it when people (i.e. W) makes the bed with new sheet. Others (i.e. W) DO NOT do it right. I ALWAYS trifold towels then quarter fold them so they fit perfectly on the shelf. Similar things happen to sheets. Also, we pretty much only use my sheets or the ones I picked out with him before we moved in together–I know those sheets are at least 300 thread count but the other sheets…. they could be ANY thread count.

When its my turn to clean the kitchen similar ‘tendencies’ happen. W says I always get an A+ in one thing then an F in everything else while he settles for Bs all around–with regard to cleaning. I hate Bs as much as he hates my Fs. I love cleaning the stove and sink–I love to make them sparkle. W likes to switfer the floor–I do not believe in swiftering.

Above all else, as satisfying as trifolding towels is, my favorite part of the deep clean is the last little piece I do. Whether it is my turn to clean the upstairs (bathroom) or downstairs (kitchen) I love love LOVE to shine the chrome on the sink, shower, toilet handle, and other places. You see, my first job (that the government knows about) at the ripe ol’ age of 13 was cleaning at a cabin resort on Orcas Island. I learned really fast that no matter how hard you sweep, how dainty your french pillowcase folds or hotels bed corners are (still in use on our bed today), no one cares. No one will notice. BUT if you windex (or whatever eco cleaner) the chrome–people notice. It sparkles even if just for 10 seconds before you shower. That is the ultimate clean.

Anyway, back to studying. Midterms is next week but I get a three day weekend after. Guess what I am excited about doing–amonia cleaning all the walls and windowsills. Wow. I really put my old self to shame. I might have to throw some socks (W’s of course) under the bed to make myself feel normal.


4 thoughts on “the things we do for those we care about….

  1. Susan says:

    I love it; staying at your (your’s and Wesley’s) house felt like staying at a bed and breakfast. I would like to have our house feel like a bed and breakfast but someone else doesn’t… he relishes clutter, doesn’t see dust or smell dirty towels, and first has a hissy fit and then gets depressed if we have to clean for guests–hence no guests or only those who choose to ignore the conditions finding the well worn paths to the bathroom and kitchen. There are tradeoffs to making relationships work and this, not having a “bed and breakfast” house is one of mine. But I like you guys’s house so much I’m going to doing paintings of the rooms… sometime.

  2. claire says:

    I love this! So very L.

  3. lmsanderswilcox says:

    Thank you C! It is so very me. I remember when Thu said I taught her how to be messy. She said that one time, after she saw my room, she left a piece of paper on the floor thinking ‘well Lea does it.’ After that, it was downhill. I always loved that–such a compliment to my disorganization!

  4. lmsanderswilcox says:

    Mom- I love your bedroom though! It is always so calm and peaceful. I have been searching for a white quilt/bedspread for the summer to make our room peaceful like yours and I thought I found one but it doesn’t cover our pillows so the search continues.

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