sex–did i just say that….

No- I am not going to share TMI.

I have been struggling lately with stress, feelings (more later), cringing with the attack on Planned Parenthood and abortion, and dealing with shit I can’t control. I was looking for something to put it into the words I am not experienced enough to write. You know–the Eat Pray Love sort of stuff. The self help section.

I have already read Eat Pray Love.

A long time ago my Mom gave me Erica Jong’s Fanny Hackabout Jones. It is a SEX book. I recommend reading it but be careful. The story goes way beyond bodice ripper trash romance. Its written–very well written–all in first person cockney accent. Its all about sex with a tinge of feminism–I think every woman (and most men) should read it. It pushes boundaries and crosses lines. AND in the end–everyone’s thinking it already.

After reading it, I told my Mom how much I appreciated it. It really made me think about how sex fear (whether its AIDS, other STDs, Abortion, Conservative views) has put us a step back and, in some ways, the 70s were a lot more liberal. Anyway, I said I liked it and so she passed on Erica Jong’s more famous book Fear of Flying.

Fear of Flying, though I am only 2 chapters in, is like EPL expontential. I am not talking about so much the sex/marriage stuff she editorializes on but more of the feelings of being a women/person. That sounds so hokey. Its not. I can’t describe it–she can….with the extra bonus of the ‘zipless fuck.’

As I said–I am only 2 chapters in–but the first 2 are worth it.


2 thoughts on “sex–did i just say that….

  1. ken says:

    and its about time too

  2. Susan says:

    Ken read your post to me the other day. He does read all this stuff: your posts and has read the books you’re talking about–had read FoF when I met him but I got to lend “Fanny” to him–trying to catch up, I suspect; plus he thinks if he reads what I read then he will understand me and other women better. This would be flattering but he is a subversive and, with understanding, control can be close behind for some people. When you finish FoF there are “Talk Dirty to Me” and “The Man who Fell in Love with the Moon” by our own Sally Tisdale and Tom Spanbauer respectively. And, if you really want to get both feet wet, the anonymous–but supposedly written by Simone de Beauvior–“The Story of O.” Anais Nin wrote a series of stories for an unspecified sponsor published in several collections, the one I have is “Little Birds.” Powells has an entire shelf of ‘Erotica’ but after awhile I felt like I’d eaten too much candy, sated with the words of sex. One of the real gifts of life as a human is our sexuality. I hope we, our culture, can emerge from the shadows of the 1980s and 1990s healthier and more sexually comfortable with ourselves and each other; I believe that with health, horrible exploitation might decline. Female and homosexual sexuality continues to blossom and come into its own, perhaps straight male sex can find its way to a beyond teenagerhood richness too. I had some great conversations with Raisa/Rex on this topic. Ken can wax elegant, also, and surprising to me because of the mother/son barrier but not so much when I think of his being Director of an Adolescent Sexuality conference, Ely sometime ago dropped discomfort around the phosphorescent topic. Better go, love, mom

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