rational choice….

Via TED.com but I couldn’t get it to emed–see it HERE.
I have been searching and searching for this video. One of my last prereqs for nursing school was to take an ethics class. BORING I thought. But it wasn’t–the teacher bounced around like Ellen and Plato etc. were actually really interesting to read and discuss. I had read Plato in college the first time but I think I was too busy being social to actually READ Plato.

Anyway the above video I promise IS NOT boring and IS very interesting. This guy, Dan Ariely, discusses rational choice and if we really have it. I also like it because he discusses rational choice and healthcare–how patients and doctors (or other healthcare providers) often don’t have a choice even though they think they do. I know you are thinking BORING but its seriously not.

Also- I love listening to Oliver Sacks- his voice is so soothing and his st0ries so fascinating. His TED page is HERE.


One thought on “rational choice….

  1. Susan says:

    thanks, I saw or read this before somewhere but worth it again… Also I heard this guy on NPR about stuff he learned from his burns and pain; he is an amazing man

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